What the BBC micro:bit means for parents

Thursday 7th April

As the distribution of the BBC micro:bit to one million 12 year olds continues, we’re talking to a lot of parents who want to know what it means for them and how they can help their child get the most out of it. We answer some of your most common questions:

Take the BBC micro:bit home

What is it?

A palm-sized tool for kids to explore coding and making with! Find out more about how it compares to other programmable boards – read here.

How do I get it?

It’s being given out free of charge to one million schoolchildren in the UK, via secondary schools. You can check with the BBC whether your child’s school has registered to receive them. The distribution process started a couple of weeks ago and will continue through April so don’t worry if your child hasn’t got theirs yet!

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Will my child be able to take the BBC micro:bit home?

Yes! The BBC micro:bit is for kids — it’s not the property of their school! They should take it home with them and start exploring making and coding straight away.

But I don’t know anything about coding…

No problem! We designed the BBC micro:bit to be as intuitive and accessible as possible, which means your child can start using it from day one, and you can too!

Oh cool, but, how do I know what to do?

We’ve created a brand new platform just for the BBC micro:bit — welcome to Make!

From a detailed intro to turning it on for the first time to projects such as family games, a step counter, virtual pets and musical instruments, we want this to become your favourite place for making and inventing!

That looks amazing, but shouldn’t my child get back to proper schoolwork like maths and english?

These projects are incredibly valuable! As we move into an increasingly digital world, the jobs of the future will require high levels of technological proficiency in addition to traditional skills such as problem solving, creativity and teamwork. These projects cover all these!

The BBC micro:bit is a great tool for exploring coding, electronics and the relationship between the physical and digital: essential 21st Century skills.

Ok, you’ve convinced me: I can see how this will be great for my child! It all seems a little hi-tech for me though, bye…

Wait! There’s nothing more rewarding for you and your child than to make, learn and play together. We’ve designed projects that can be done at home and shared with the whole family: parents, brothers, sisters, grand parents. Welcome the BBC micro:bit into your home and the whole family can benefit!

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