creativity with tech

Why is creative thinking important?

Tuesday 12th July

What is creative thinking?

Creative thinking is the process of coming up with new ideas or new approaches. It can be seen a critical life skill and something worth developing in kids.

creativity with tech

Why is it important?

Creativity will always be in high demand as it is not something robots can replace easily! By developing this skill, individuals differentiate themselves from other candidates. 


How is it beneficial to my child’s future?

Creative thinking is beneficial to a child’s future, it helps to promote imagination and concentration. It also gives them the ability to view the world in differently.


Encourage creative thinking in kids

We have a range of kits that encourage creative thinking in different ages.


Electro Dough Kit  (4yo+)

Introduce your kids to thinking creatively by building sculptures and scenes using dough then bring their creations to life with light and sound.


Synth Kit (12 yo+)

Encourage creative thinking using music by building your own synthesizer from scratch then creating electronic musical masterpieces.