Build your own Origami DIY Speaker

Posted by Technology Will Save Us on Monday 24th February

Using our DIY Speaker Kit, you can build your own Origami speaker. Here’s how:

origami1 origami2 origami3


Step 1: Everything you need


First you need to get all the things together that you’ll need to make your Origami Speaker

1. DIY Speaker Kit (you can buy this from our shop)
2. The cardboard box that the kit came in
3. Scissors
4. Scalpel or craft knive
5. Ruler
6. Thin card (we used our flyer)
7. A4 paper (a bit heavier like 120gsm)
8. Double sided tape
9. Double sided sticky pads

Step 2: Cut the box in half

origami5 origami6 origami7 origami8 origami9

You are going to use the box the speaker kit came in as the housing for the origami speaker. You only need half of the box so cut the box in half as shown in the pictures.

Step 3: Mounting the amplifer 

origami10 origami11 origami12 origami13 origami14 origami15 origami16

Now take one half of the box you just cut (the right hand one) and you are going to install the amplifier in it.
  1. Take the half-box and place it with the cut side facing towards you and the sticker-label facing up
  2. Position the amplifier with the batteries facing down and the controls facing the left on the left side of the box
  3. Gently press the volume control against the inside wall of the box so that it leaves an indentation
  4. Mark that indentation with a pen and cut out an opening large enough to fit the volume control through
  5. Once the volume control is through the opening, repeat the same process for both the power switch and the input jack as shown in the images
  6. Fix the amplifier with some double sided sticky pads to the wall of the box as shown in the second last image
  7. If you have done everything correctly, you will be able to close the box and it will look like the last image.
Step four: Mounting the exciter
origami25 origami26 origami27 origami28 origami29 origami30 origami31
With the amplifier fitted you can move on to mounting the exciter on the front of the box (the side with the sticker-label)1. Mark the middle of the box using a ruler as shown in the images.
2. Mount the exciter with double sided sticky-pads on the mark (make sure that the wires are facing away from the cut side of the box).
3. Cut a small hole just below where the wires connect to the exciter and feed them through.
Step 5: Folding the origami speaker membrane
origami32 origami33 origami34 origami35 origami36 origami37 origami38
Picture of Folding the Origami speaker membrane

The DIY Speaker Kit comes with an exciter instead of a ready made speaker. This exciter can turn almost any surface into a speaker by placing it on said surface. Paper seems to work pretty well, which invites for some creative origami projects to make a really cool looking speaker.We settled for a simple and beautiful fold that can be done in 5 min or less.For this you need a thicker A4 sheet of paper (120gsm)1. Cut the paper down to a square first with each side measuring 210mm.
2. Fold the paper over halfway diagonally, make sure not to crease the entire length, leaving the middle uncreased.
3. Repeat the same process with the other diagonal.
4. Once that is done you should get something that resembles the second last image.
5. Now push the middle of the paper down, so that the paper turns into a shallow bowl as shown in the last image.

Step 6: Mounting the origami membrane
origami39 origami40 origami42 origami43 origami44 origami45 origami46
To improve the sound quality you are going to add a paper disc between the origami membrane and the exciter.1. Use any small round object you can find (we used the camera lens cap) and mark a circle on a piece of thin card (200gsm or more)
2. Cut that piece of card until you get a small disc which you attach, using double sided tape, to the bulging side of the origami membrane. (Keep it as close to the middle as possible)
3. Using the double sided tape that is already attached to your exciter and mount the origami membrane with the paper disc on it.Once that is accomplished, you are done with making the origami speaker using our DIY Speaker KitNow you can plug in your phone and start rocking your beautiful Origami Speaker.

We’re not quite done yet though. How about mounting the speaker to a wall?

Step 7: Wall mount your speaker
origami47 origami48 origami49
Using double sided sticky pads, we can easily mount the Origami Speaker on almost any wall. Make sure that the sticky pads have enough grip, otherwise you will be risking your Speaker and your phone!Connect the speaker using the cable that came with the DIY Speaker Kit to your phone and play your favourite tunes. You can place your phone in the box as shown in the last image.TIP: You could always use some screws to fasten the speaker to the wallNow step back and enjoy your beautiful DIY Origami Speakers!

How about trying out other origami shapes? We would love to hear about your own projects and what you can do with our kits.