Educational Discounts

Education Boxes:

To get young people making everywhere we have created education boxes. These boxes of curiosity contain a collection of 16 of our DIY kits as well as all the materials, tools, worksheets and badges that you will need to run a workshop at your chosen location. The boxes are the perfect and most cost effective way of getting young people to make, play, learn and invent with technology.

Enrichment Days:

These fun filled days are bespoke Tech Will Save Us events in your school, club or maker space. Our very own TWSU experts design a session specific to your needs. These sessions can range from a half day to a few weeks of learning. Our enrichment days have been really successful in engaging and getting pupils excited about learning, as well as proactively doing more with their skills.


Train the trainer and lessons:

We have a growing collection of lessons and examples of our kits being used in curriculum. We are actively working with Code Club, the Prince’s Trust, as well as, individual teachers and facilitators to create lessons around our kits. We also offer training courses for teachers to get you started in your own making journey in your school.

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