Who are Technology Will Save Us?

We are on a mission to spark the creative imagination of young people using hands-on technology. We do this through our award winning make-it-yourself kits and digital tools to help kids, and the adults that love them to make, play, code and invent using technology.

We started small around our kitchen table and have now built a company of 28 passionate designers, educators, engineers and problems solvers—­obsessed with inspiring kids and empowering parents to become creators of technology.

Who are the founders?

Our founders are Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschmann. Bethany Koby is our CEO and a designer interested in creating brands, businesses and experiences that help imagine a more positive and collaborative future. Daniel Hirschmann is an artist, maker and educator who uses relationships with technology as the core of his practice.

Where are your kits made?

Our kits are made in our mini-­factory in Hackney, east London.

What is the Mover Kit?

The active play wearable that kids make and code themselves. The Mover Kit is an intuitive way for kids aged 8+ to learn fundamental skills around programming, electronics, and computational thinking. Inspiring a generation of kids to get making and coding with technology. It encourages imagination and play through movement and activity.

Tell me about your kits…

All of our products are vehicles for stealth learning that encourage everyone to make, play, code and invent with technology. Using everyday life as inspiration, our kits tap into the hobbies and passions that kids love – music, gardening, cycling and gaming. We help kids to find confidence, skills and passions with technology by exposing them to all the wonderful things that technology can do! It is not about the tech, it is about what you can do with the tech!

What is your mission?

We are on a mission to spark the creative imagination of young people with hands-on tech. We want to provide families, educators and young people – of all ages, backgrounds and interests – new opportunities to learn and create using technology.

Why Learning by Doing?

We believe playing and making are the best ways for children to learn about the world and acquire new skills so we are creating a new category of toys to inspire kids to find their own creativity and passions for technology to ensure they have awesome futures.

Our approach to “learning by doing” stands on the shoulders of giants: ­some of most influential thinkers and educators of our time. From the Maker Movement, to the work of Jean Piaget, Seymour Papert and Maria Montessori.

The Mover Kit incorporates “learning by doing” methodologies and all of the supportive resources kids need to gain mastery through solving problems that they care about.

Will Technology Will Save Us?

We frequently get asked about our name and if we actually think technology WILL save us… The answer is that we believe diverse, creative and empowered kids and families will save us and technology will be at the heart of how they do this!

What is the Make Platform?

The Make platform is the hub for kids to easily make, have fun and build their confidence to create, craft and code with technology. This digital playground is filled with fun and engaging projects, ‘tech recipes’ and challenges that enable kids to get hands on learning and having fun.

Once made, the Mover kit easily connects with our free Make platform through any computer or laptop. Kids can learn how to code the rainbow lights, motion sensor and compass. It also has tonnes of Mover Kit craft projects made by us and our community ­ every day can be a new Mover Kit adventure. Upload and share your inventions and creations. Participate in challenges to learn with the community of users.