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4+ Years

Explore our Dough Universe with this selection of educational STEM toys for kids aged 4 and above. Children can learn about electronics, motion and sound with these toys as well as helping Marvel's Avengers Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America save the world with our exclusive Marvel x TWSU range*.

*Marvel Electro Hero Kit only available in the U.K. and Europe

8-10+ Years

Introducing kids to coding and craft whilst paving a way forward for your future inventors, our range of education STEM and STEAM toys for 8-10+ year olds is a great place to follow on from our Dough Universe. Whether it's learning the power of wireless technology or the benefits of solar energy, this range continues to prove how fun but educational these toys can be.

Family Packs

For the tech loving family with kids of all ages, this selection of exclusive bundles offers a wide range of science, technology, engineering and maths learning for kids aged 4-12+ years. All for FREE access to Club Make offering hundreds of other projects and tasks to keep your children busy all year round.