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Arcade Coder

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The Arcade Coder is a programmable game console that teaches kids how to design and code their own games for up to 4 players, reinventing family game night forever. Kids can customise pre-coded games or invent brand new ones, totally from scratch! By putting their coding skills into practice, they can even experiment with illuminated LED animations.

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  • Winner of Parent's Choice Gold Award, the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2019 and Fully Funded on Kickstarter
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Kids learn game design and block-coding

By toying with the Arcade Coder and Games Studio app, kids build coding and creative-thinking skills, bit by bit.
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Fun for the whole family

The Arcade Coder is specially designed for hours (and hours!) of quality time.
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Whenever, wherever & however you want

Weekends at grandma's? Family getaway? The Arcade Coder is designed to be taken everywhere with you.

What they'll learn

Create, Code, Play.

An evolution of the traditional board game, the Arcade Coder teaches kids aged 6+ (and their grown-ups!) easy-to-learn block coding and how to design their own games. There are step by step tutorials to complete, accessed via the free Games Studio app – available on the Apple app store. Using it, you can customise pre-coded games or invent brand new ones, totally from scratch using sandbox mode 


Paint or Play


In addition to teaching kids game mechanics, the Arcade Coder also offers an exciting creative outlet — Painter Mode. In this mode, kids “paint” digital pictures with illuminating, multi-colored LED lights and animate them with those newfound coding skills. With this tool, kids get to express themselves creatively and artistically.

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Family Time, Not Screen Time

Carefully designed to use the screen as a tool and not a medium for creating, the Arcade Coder addresses many parents concerns with solo screen time amongst their children. Time and time again in testing, when kids and families have played with these seamless physical digital experiences none of them ever saw the Arcade Coder as ‘screen time’.

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"The Arcade Coder's large LED board is a great way to give tactile life to kids' creations and encourages them - and their parents - to play and learn together." - Terrence O'Brien
"The magic really happens when you delve into the iOS app Game Studio. There, your kid can design, customise and code their own games, either based on existing templates or entirely from scratch." - Craig Grannell
"A truly innovative product that allows kids to learn while having a lot of fun." - Adrienne Appell

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What's in the box?

1: Arcade Coder

2: USB-C Cable

3: x3 Stickers

4: Free iOS App

5: Boardgame Insert

arcade coder what is in the box
What is the Arcade Coder?

The Arcade Coder is a 12” x 12” board with 144 multi-coloured LED buttons that are all fully programmable and controllable.

What’s the recommended age?

Perfect for kids aged 6 years and up, the Arcade Coder has a low entry point and high ceiling – meaning it can be enjoyed by everyone, kids and parents alike.

How long does the battery last?

The Arcade Coder’s batter lasts for 6 hours with average use.

Do you offer educational discounts?

We sure do! Check out our Educators page for more info.

What do you learn with this kit?

The Arcade Coder teaches kids the principles of game design and block-coding. Kids also learn the foundation of game mechanics, like speed and point systems through the Games Studio app.

How do I learn to code it?

Learn how to code, animate and design games with our Games Studio iOS app. It includes easy step-by-step projects. Via the Games Studio iOS app, kids learn about topics such as the principles of animation, chance mechanics and how to use sprites and block-coding to create games.

Where can I get the Game Studio App?

The app is available on the official Apple App Store.

I have a question that’s not in this FAQ, how can I get in touch with someone?

Please feel free to drop our friendly Customer Support team a message anytime, they will be more than happy to help! You can reach them here.

Arcade Coder


Empower kids to become a confident game designer! The Arcade Coder is a programmable toy that teaches kids easy-to-learn block coding and how to design a game themselves. Kids also learn the foundation of game mechanics, like speed levels and point systems.

2 in stock (can be backordered)

LIMITED STOCK - Only 2 Available