• Ages: 11+
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BBC Micro:Bit

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The BBC Micro:bit is the perfect introduction to coding for kids.

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Easy to follow instructions

All they need to set-up their Micro:bit

Hands-on introduction to coding

Kids build their own pocket-sized computer

Encourages creativity and inovation

Open up a world of possibilities

What is the BBC Micro:bit?

The BBC micro:bit is a handheld, programmable micro-computer that can be used for all sorts of amazing creations. Designed with the BBC for kids ages 11 and up, the micro:bit gets them hands-on with hardware while also teaching creative problem-solving skills.

What's in the box?

1 x BBC Micro:bit

1 x Switched Battery Pack

2 x AAA Batteries

1 x  Micro USB cable

1 x Instructions insert

Digital course on coding for Micro:bit

BBC Micro:Bit


Out of stock