• Ages: 11+
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Micro:bot Lesson Plan

Explore the BBC Micro:bit & Micro:bot with the Micro:bot downloadable lesson plan. A series of 50-minute sessions, adding up to 12 weeks of activities perfect for homeschooling 👩🏻‍🏫.

Key skills taught: coding, design. 

Aligns with UK curriculum & US core standards.

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12 Weeks of Lessons

A series of 50-minute, project-based lessons.
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Aligns with UK & US Curriculum

Meets UK Statutory Curriculum for KS3 Computing & US CSSTA Core Standards.
Take the BBC micro:bit home

Learn at Home

Designed to provide hands-on learning at home.

UK Curriculum

Meets UK Statutory Curriculum for KS3 Computing and Design & Technology:

  • Computing: use logical reasoning, solve computational problems, understand simple Boolean logic, create, reuse, revise and repurpose digital artifacts.
  • Design & Technology: use research to understand user needs, identify and solve design problems, select from and use a wider range of tools and materials
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Supports US Standards

Supports US CSSTA Core Standards for Grades 6-8:

  • Computer Science: Students will practice coding with algorithms, loops, conditionals, events, and functions.

Perfect for Homeschooling & Learning at home

This Lesson Plan provides a variety of super fun & educational activities that you can run using the BBC Micro:bit and Micro:bot. The lesson plan provides detailed instructions to make running activities easy & clear for parents or educators.

Designed for the BBC Micro:bot

The BBC Micro:bot Lesson Plan is designed to be paired with the BBC Micro:bot. Recommended by teachers and made with the BBC, the Micro:bot and Micro:bit are the ideal entry to coding for kids.

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Micro:bot Lesson Plan