• Ages: 11+
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Code, Lights, Action! Pack

Get kids coding and moving with Creative Coder Kit and the best-selling BBC Micro:bit and Micro:mods. Kids learn to code reactive rainbow lights, then get moving to activate!

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  • Including Creative Coder, BBC Micro:bit and Micro:mods kits
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Easy to set up

Snap the Creative Coder Kit together in 15 minutes and get started with our pre-made apps.

A fun, hands-on introduction to coding

Learn to program the reactive rainbow lights and design your own apps!

Upgrade with wearable tech

Set up and learn to code the micro:bit to tell the LED strip how to react to sensors.

Clip it, code it, and stick it - learning to code the fun and creative way

Designed with the BBC for kids ages 11 and up, the BBC micro:bit is the perfect way to start kids coding and making. With micro:mods Kit, kids use code and a strip of stick-to-anything programmable LED lights to customize and light up their stuff. Hands-on coding and electronics meets creative crafting.

Creative Coder Kit

Creative Coder kit provides an easy introduction to coding.  Kids use the visual block based coding software to program the wearable Creative Coder. Instead of programming activities for the screen, with Creative Coder you programme a wearable device that will react to your movement. Problem skills and creative thinking.