Complete Dough Universe Set

Complete Dough Universe set! Kids’ dough creations come to life with the power of light, sound, AND motion!

Suitable for ages 4+.


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Learn how electricity works

The special salty, conductive play dough in all of the Dough Universe kits helps kids to understand the fundamentals of electricity through play.

Bright Creatures Kit

Kids create fire-breathing dough dragons and penguins with glowing wings while learning about circuits!

Techno Sounds Kit

Different sized dough creations make different kinds of sound! Kids learn about resistance while jamming on a plonky piano.

Electro Machines Kit

Kids learn about rotation and motion while building spinning robots, a doughy high-five machine, and zooming race cars!

Use the digital storybook

The Dough Universe app brings the world of dough and tech together through interactive storytelling, fun games, and dozens of activities for little inventors to work through.

Doughy creations come to life with light, sound, and motion!

The three kits together bring the power of light, sound, AND motion to kids’ doughy creations! Dinosaur disco dance party, anyone?

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