• Ages 4+
  • $153.99

Dough-luxe Universe

Kids’ dough creations come to life with the power of light, sound, AND motion! All three Dough Universe kits, plus the interactive storybook app and 3 extra tubes of Electro Dough in different colours.

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  • Includes Bright Creatures, Electro Machines and Techno Sounds
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Tech Will Save Us_Dough Universe_Bright Creatures Kit

Meet New Creatures

Build exciting Electro Dough creations that come to life with light, sound, and motion.
Tech Will Save Us_Dough Universe_Electro Machines Kit

Learn How To Craft

Start building with the dough, all while learning how electronics and circuits work.

Discover How Electricity Works

Use the dough with the controller to get your creations flashing, whirring and buzzing!

Dough and tech come together to get kids excited about electricity

The perfect introduction to STEAM learning – the Complete Dough Universe gets kids building with dough and making simple circuits to add light, sound, and motion to their creations. The Complete Set is all three kits – Bright Creatures, Electro Machines, and Techno Sounds – plus the interactive storybook app to keep kids exploring and playing for months to come!

Enter The Dough Universe

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