Why Our Education Packs?

Arduino Gamer Kit For Schools

Fun & Collaborative

Our kits make education fun and accessible for kids, whether learning individually or in a group.
Creative Coder Used In Schools

Aligned With Curriculum

Our kits align with Key Stage 1, 2, 3 Curriculum in the UK & Common Core State Standards for Math, English and Next Gen. Science in the US.
Teachers Using Tech Will Save Us Kits

Free Lesson Plans

Each education pack comes with an exclusive lesson plan & free access to our online project portal. Expand the learning experience!

BBC Micro:bit Packs

Used in thousands of schools all over the world, the BBC Micro:bit has become one of the most popular ranges for teachers. We have built an exclusive range of add-on packs for the BBC Micro:bit that teach robotics, crafting and customisation through coding.

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