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Electro Dough Lesson Plan

Explore the Electro Dough universe with the downloadable Dough Universe lesson plan. A series of 1-hour sessions, adding up to 9 weeks of lessons 👩🏻‍🏫. 

Key skills taught: Electronics, Series and Parallel Circuits, Bleeper Circuits, Fine Motor Skills & Exploration.

Aligns with UK Curriculum and US NCAS core standards.

UK Curriculum

Aligns with UK Statutory Curriculum for KS1 Science and Design. Also suitable for Reception.

  • Science: using simple equipment, using their observations to ask questions; learn about electricity, series and parallel circuits, conductivity and insulation.
  • Design: select from and use a range of tools and materials to perform practical tasks; model and communicate ideas.
  • Develops fine motor skills and emotional intelligence.

US Core Standards

Aligns with US NCAS core standards for Kindergarten and Grade 1.

  • Visual Arts: engage collaboratively in exploration and imaginative play with materials; use observation and investigation in preparation for making a work of art.
  • Develops fine motor skills and emotional intelligence.
Selma playing with the PLAY WITH LIGHTS, BUZZERS & SWITCHES of electro dough

Perfect for After School Clubs & Home-Education

This Lesson Plan provides a variety of super fun & educational activities that you can run using the Electro Dough Universe. The lesson plan provides detailed instructions to make running activities easy & clear for educators. 

Electro, dough, coding

Designed for the Electro Dough Universe

The Electro Dough Lesson Plan is designed to be paired with our Electro Dough Education Pack. Kids will make fun characters out of dough and learn about electricity and electrical circuits to bring their creations to life.

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Electro Dough Lesson Plan

$29.99 $14.99