• Ages: 10+
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Gamer Education 12 Pack

Save 50% with this exclusive Gamer Education 12 Pack featuring 12 individual Gamer Kits. An easy to build kit for kids that gets them coding their own handheld games. Using our free online coding platform, kids learn to code classic games to build their skills before designing and coding their own games. FREE 9 HOUR LESSON PLAN WITH EVERY PACK

Key skills and topics taught: Coding, Game Design, De-Bugging, Problem Solving and Electronics

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  • Learn coding and electronics through play
  • Build your own customizable games console!

Easy to follow manual

The Gamer Kit only takes 15 minutes to build. You'll just need a 9 volt battery!

Learn to code through play

Learn to code the pre-made video games

Dozens of projects online for all levels

Invent, code, and play new games

Gaming for the maker generation

The Gamer Kit is the perfect way for kids who love gaming to learn to make and code their own games. The simple instructions in our online coding platform teach kids how to make over 15 retro games, giving them the skills to invent and code their own.

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What's In Each Box?

1: Gamer Board

2: Screen

3: BRAIN Board

4: Two Chips

5: Nuts & Bolts

6: USB Cable

7: Acrylic Casing

8: Strap

9: Free access to our online Make platform

What is the Gamer kit?

With the Gamer kit, kids build and code their own handheld gaming device.

What do you learn with this kit?

This kit is ideal for kids who love gaming and introduces them to arduino to build and learn how to code their own retro games. It strengthens their logic and problem-solving skills.

What is the recommended age?

10 years and up – though we think it’s a great project for anyone interested in gaming.

How do I learn to code it?

Young inventors will be taught how to use the Arduino software platform by following easy step-by-step projects over on Club Make. They will be able to see how codes are written to perform tasks.

This kit massively encourages creativity and problem-solving skills, to build and play!

Does it include batteries?

No, you’ll need a single 9V battery to use it hands free. Alternatively, it can be powered by the USB cable (included.

Where can I find the manual?

Club Make is the place to be – we’ve got awesome online manuals to match our awesome kits.

I have a question that’s not in this FAQ, how can I get in touch with someone?

Please feel free to drop our friendly Customer Support team a message anytime, they will be more than happy to help! You can reach them here.