• Ages: 11+
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micro:bot Education 10 Pack

Save 10% with this exclusive micro:bot Education 10 Pack featuring 10 individual micro:bot kits! Kids build and code three different robots with this add-on kit for the micro:bit. This kit does not include the BBC Micro:bit. If you require a BBC Micro:bit along with this kit, you can purchase the Micro:bit Education Pack by clicking here.

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  • Learn how to code and create
  • Build your own robot using block based coding!

Encourages creativity and invention

Use your micro:bot kit box to build the body of your robot - you can reuse it for all three robots

Dozens of projects online for all levels

Choose the ArtBot, GolfBot, or RoomBot and get started

Hands-on introduction to coding

Transfer the code from the computer to your micro:bit and watch your robot spring into action

Kids build and code three different robots with micro:bot kit

Designed to be the perfect addition to a BBC micro:bit (not included), the micro:bot kit gets hands-on with hardware and electronics while also teaching creative problem-solving skills. Perfect for the future programmer who loves robots!

New To BBC Micro:bit?

Choose one of these packs which includes the BBC Micro:bit. Whether they want to get creative with robots or supercharge their arts & crafts, these packs are perfect for fun ways to learn coding.

What's In Each Box?

1: Crocodile Clips

2: Two Wagos

3: Jumper Wires

4: Battery Holder

5: Two Wheels

6: Two Servo Motors

7: Free access to our Make platform

What is the micro:bot Pack?

The micro:bot Pack enables kids to design and code three different robots which can then be brought to life with movement. Includes the BBC micro:bit.

What do you learn with this pack?

Kids learn creative problem-solving skills as they get hands-on with electric hardware and block-based coding to get their robots moving!

What’s the recommended age?

11 years and up, though this pack is also a great project for experienced makers who have an interest in coding too.

Does it include batteries?

No, you’ll need 4 AA batteries to power up your bot.

How do I learn to code with the micro:bot Pack?

Young inventors will be taught how to use the micro bits MakeCode Editor by following easy step-by-step projects over on Club Make.

Where can I find the manual?

Club Make is the place to be – we’ve got awesome online manuals to match our awesome kits.

I have a question that’s not in this FAQ, how can I get in touch with someone?

Please feel free to drop our friendly Customer Support team a message anytime, they will be more than happy to help! You can reach them here.