• Ages: 11+
  • $67.99

micro:maker Pack

For the micro:bit lover with a passion for making – this set gets kids building robots and coding lights to react to sensors. Includes micro:bit, micro:bot Kit, and micro:mods Kit. Plus get FREE access to Club Make for hundreds of other projects and tasks.

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  • Includes BBC Micro:bit, Micro:bot and Micro:mods kit
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An all-in-one making and coding pack to get kids inventing with tech

Set up the BBC micro:bit

Using the easy to follow manual, set up your micro:bit and get coding with the simple block-based coding platforms

Build a companion robot

Choose the ArtBot, GolfBot, or RoomBot to get started and watch your micro:bot spring into action

Upgrade stuff you already own

Code the rainbow lights using the online platform, stick them to anything and go!

Clip it, code it, and stick it - learning to code the fun and creative way

Designed with the BBC for kids ages 11 and up, the BBC micro:bit is the perfect way to start kids coding and making. With the micro:mods Kit, kids use code and strips of stick-to-anything programmable LED lights to customize and light up their stuff. Hands-on coding and electronics meets creative crafting.

Build and code three different robots with micro:bot kit

Designed to be the perfect addition to a BBC micro:bit (not included), the micro:bot kit gets hands-on with hardware and electronics while also teaching creative problem-solving skills. Perfect for the future programmer who loves robots!