• Ages: 11+
  • $29.99

micro:mods Kit

Kids learn to code programmable LEDs with this add-on kit for the BBC micro:bit. This kit does not include the BBC Micro:bit. If you require a BBC Micro:bit along with this kit, you can purchase the Micro:mods Pack which includes the BBC Micro:bit by clicking here.

  • Free UK and US shipping for a limited time only
  • Learn how to code and create!
  • Customize anything using LEDs and block based coding

Easy to set up

Clip the kit together with a BBC micro:bit.

A creative introduction to coding

Code the rainbow lights using the online platform.

Upgrade stuff you already own

Stick the lights to anything and go!

Clip it, code it and stick it - coding comes to life in lights

Designed with the BBC for kids ages 11 and up, the BBC micro:bit (not included) is the perfect way to start kids coding and making. With the micro:mods Kit, kids use code and a strip of stick-to-anything programmable LED lights to customize and light up their stuff. Hands-on coding and electronics meets creative crafting.

New To BBC Micro:bit?

Choose one of these packs which includes the BBC Micro:bit. Whether they want to get creative with robots or supercharge their arts & crafts, these packs are perfect for fun ways to learn coding.

What's in the box?

1: LED Strip

2: Battery Connector

3: Micro:bit Case

4: Split Pins

5: USB Cable

6: Two AAA Batteries

7: Free access to our Make platform