• Ages: 8+
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FREE Mover Kit

Use the Mover Kit to program the first wearable device for kids with simple block-based coding. An easy-to-learn coding toy that can program endless games which interact with the device causing it to blink, light up and wiggle when you move.

Comes with FREE access to Club Make offering hundreds of new projects.

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Build your coder in 15 minutes

The Mover Kit snaps together quickly and easily - no tools required!
tech will save us creative coder

Learn to code

Use block coding to programme your device.
tech will save us creative coder

Movement controlled lights

Create endless projects with lights that respond to your movement.

Mover Kit

Mover Kit provides an easy introduction to coding.  Kids use the visual block based coding software to program their very own wearable device. Instead of programming activities for the screen, with Mover Kit you programme a wearable device that will react to your movement.

What's In The Box?

1: Casing & Battery Pack

2: Snapband

3: Velcro Strap

4: Micro USB Cable

5: Free access to our coding software

6: Brain and Light PCBs

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Private: FREE Mover Kit

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We are proud to introduce you to the Mover Kit. The first wearable device for kids that teaches how to code with simple block-based coding. This unique education STEM toy, introduces the exciting world of coding while maintaining a seriously playful edge.