Music Star Pack
Ages: 10-12+

Music Star Pack


Looking for an awesome gift for a music star? Our two music kits in one pack: a Synth Kit to create music and a Speaker Kit to amplify the sound.

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Ideal for musical kids
Experiment with electronics to make new sounds
3 types of synth in 1
Ideal gift for a rainy weekend
Combining electronics, making, and creativity to inspire music lovers

A fun, hands-on set of two kits for kids that teach them how to build their own portable synth and a speaker they solder together with the components in the box. It’s perfect for kids who are ready to really get into the nitty-gritty of how circuits and electronics work.

A fun and easy way to build an instrument and make music


Follow the simple online instructions to make the Synth Kit.


Use a soldering iron to attach the Speaker Kit’s electronic components to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB), then solder the exciter to the PCB.


Add 9v battery and battery pack to the PCB and test, then solder in place and start playing music on your speaker!

Join our global maker community

With the Music Star Pack you will also get access to our free online platform for coding, making and inventing.

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Choose from a range of cool projects. Why not turn a pillow into a personal bedtime speaker?

Keep learning and playing with new projects released every week!

So what awesomeness are kids creating?

Get the whole family involved

Having a blast with son making the DIY speaker kit from @techwillsaveus Next will be the Gamer kit! @jpoq

For a world yet to be invented...

Our mission is to inspire kids everywhere to use technology to create new things, solve life-changing problems, and invent their own future in a world where 65% of kids in school today will have a job that doesn’t exist yet.

The making of Award Winning Toys

All of our kits are designed and crafted in London with the help of our fantastic Future Inventors Club testers. We’re committed to creating kits that combine the wonder of play with making and coding. Fun and experimentation are at the heart of all of our kits, but whisper it quietly, kids will also acquire a range of skills from creative thinking through to coding and electronics.  Our kits are the perfect gifts for the Future Inventor in your life.

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