• Ages: 12+
  • $102.99

Spark Pack

Build your own games console and synth with this discounted bundle of our Synth and Gamer kits. Learn how to build your own synth from scratch and a DIY handheld games console so you can invent your own games through coding.

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  • Discounted bundle of our Synth and Gamer Kits
  • Build your own handheld games console and synth

Get hands-on with coding

Use the Gamer Kit to invent, code, and play new games

A fun and easy way to build an instrument

Experiment with pitch, frequency and volume to make music with the Synth Kit

Dozens of projects online for all levels

Use our Club Make platform to discover new ways to spark their imagination!

Including the Gamer Kit

Gaming for the maker generation!

The Gamer Kit is the perfect way for kids who love gaming to learn to make and code their own games. The simple instructions in our online coding platform teach kids how to make over 15 retro games, giving them the skills to invent and code their own.

Save Up To 30%

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Introducing the Synth Kit

Combining electronics, making, and creativity to inspire music lovers.

A fun, hands-on kit for kids that teaches them how to build their own portable synth. It’s perfect for kids who are ready to really get into the nitty-gritty of how circuits and electronics work.

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