Sports Lover Pack
Ages: 8+

Sports Lover Pack


Two Movers, infinite fun! Give the other one to a sibling, a friend, and use our sports apps to get moving. Save 16% on the price of buying them individually.

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No quibble returns
Gets kids active and outdoors
Easy to follow manual
Dozens of projects online for all levels
Learn to code the easy way
Fun, coding and creativity in one easy to use kit

The Mover kit is the ideal way to introduce coding to kids. After all, play is the best way to learn! Kids use the visual coding software to program the Mover to react to their movement and play in endless ways.

Your child's first step to becoming a coder


The Mover snaps together quickly and easily – no tools required!


Code the Mover to react to movement


Invent, code, and play new games!

Join our global maker community

With the Mover Kit you will also get access to our free online platform for coding, making and inventing.

projects made
active makers
used in
countries worldwide

We made coding easy by designing our own simple drag and drop coding software.

Keep learning and playing with new projects released every week!

So what awesomeness are kids creating?

Coding Kids at Fessenden School, Massachusetts

@KimFogarty and the EDP crew gearing up for an afternoon of coding with their Mover Kits from @techwillsaveus #innovationlab #makered @FessyiLab

For a world yet to be invented...

Our mission is to inspire kids everywhere to use technology to create new things, solve life-changing problems, and invent their own future in a world where 65% of kids in school today will have a job that doesn’t exist yet.

The making of Award Winning Toys

All of our kits are designed and crafted in London with the help of our fantastic Future Inventors Club testers. We’re committed to creating kits that combine the wonder of play with making and coding. Fun and experimentation are at the heart of all of our kits, but whisper it quietly, kids will also acquire a range of skills from creative thinking through to coding and electronics.  Our kits are the perfect gifts for the Future Inventor in your life.

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