Thirsty Plant Kit
Ages: 8+

Thirsty Plant Kit


Kids build a solar-powered moisture sensor to tell them when their plant needs water

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Feedback that feeds plants

Using plaster of Paris, a few electronic components, and solar panels, kids make a sensor that tells them when their plant needs water. It’s the perfect introduction to building circuits and learning about sensors!

In 3 simple steps, thirsty plant comes together to tell you when it's watering time


Make the sensor using plaster and a circuit.


Twist the wires together to build the solar panels and attach to your favourite plant.


The light will flash when the plant’s thirst needs quenching!

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Choose from a range of fun projects. Why not learn how to make a water bomb with your Thirsty Plant?

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So what awesomeness are kids creating?

Inventing with nature and tech

A group of Year 2s have been prototyping part of their idea for an invention using @techwillsaveus Thirsty Plant Kits! #STEAM @fayenicole

Saving one plant at a time

Made a thirsty plant kit! Serial plant killer, now I’ll never neglect my plants again (probably). Thanks @techwillsaveus #ieodigitalculture @jenny_cooper89

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