Introduction To STEM

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and offers kids fundamental learning experiences that can be applied to every day life. At Tech Will Save Us, we combine this education with a seriously playful attitude. Be aware though…. these awesome kits ‘may cause side effects’ as you can see from our video!

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Our Electro Dough Kit is a creative way to introduce kids to physics. Using conductive Electro Dough to make uniques creations, this kit educates kids aged 4 and above about building electrical circuits.

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The Creative Coder introduces block based coding to 7-10 year olds with fun and exciting projects and games that they invent themselves.

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Part of our Dough Universe, the Electro Machines kit brings creativity and engineering together, teaching kids about motion through electricity and building machines.

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Our coding range teaches kids how to code using logic and develop maths skills that can be used in their every day life. The BBC Micro:bot range is a brilliant way to inject some fun in to the education too!

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