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Year 5-6+ ICT Home-Learning Booster Pack

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A box full of fun STEM projects for creative kids who like a challenge. Eight amazing projects from space and video games to artificial intelligence and wearable tech!

This is a great way to keep older kids who need more than online lessons and worksheets engaged and occupied with something that is beneficial and ties in to their science curriculum.

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What is the STEM Kids Project Box?

An inspiring project box providing hands-on craft and beginner coding projects.
Designed for kids aged 11+ years, these projects are based around the technology that will shape the future!
What is the STEM Kids Project Box?

An inspiring box providing hands-on craft and beginner coding projects based around a micro computer.

What does my child learn?

Among others, this subscription introduces the topics of robotics, circuitry, physics, algorithms and code.  Each and every one of our products follow a strong, tried and tested curriculum designed to give your kids a head start in their future. All while playing!

What do I get in a box?

The STEM Kids Project Box comes with everything you need to make new, fun, creative and educational micro bit projects. Including all the materials you need to get creating right away. You’ll also receive access to exclusive online tutorials and tips to maximise the learning experience for that topic.

Where do you ship to and how much is shipping?

We offer free tracked shipping to the UK, EU and the USA. You can find more information about shipping here.

What types of devices are supported?

You will need a laptop with a USB port and internet connection.

I have a question that’s not in this FAQ, how can I get in touch with someone?

Questions, comments or concerns? Drop our friendly Customer Care team a message anytime, they will be more than happy to help! You can reach them here.

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Year 5-6+ ICT Home-Learning Booster Pack


What will the future look like? Wearables, AI, Robotics. Inspire your child with 8 months of projects about the tech that will shape the future.

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