Tech Will Save Us powers up playtime with electro thread & wireless power

Wednesday 19th September

Kids are invited to unlock their creative superpowers and learn brand new skills with the Sew + Glow and Light Racer kits

Invitations to play, an easy way to get your child playing and learning

Friday 18th May

What is an invitation to play? An invitation to play is just a really simple way for you to spark your child’s interest by setting up their toys in new and different ways…inviting them in. It can also be a great way to introduce new toys and themes into your child’s play space. ‘Children need »

Free Play: Why and how you need to encourage it in your home

Thursday 10th May

Children were born to play. Give them an empty box and watch the magic happen, their imagination can turn the most simple of objects into all manner of wondrous things. This is the essence of free play. Play that begins with the child, with their imagination.   What is free play and what does it »

Share your Avengers love with the kids

Friday 4th May

Every superhero fan has a favourite superhero memory. Seeing the first Iron Man at the movies with a bucketload of popcorn. Throwing some epic combos in Marvel vs. Street Fighter. A bedtime Spider-man comic with dad. The new Electro Hero Kit is an awesome way for Marvel fans to share their superhero love with their »

5 household objects to make Captain America’s shield even mightier

Wednesday 21st March

Captain America’s shield plays a crucial part in The Avengers’ fight against evil. It deflects bullets, it can trip enemies up or knock them out…KERPOW! It’s made from Vibranium, one of the strongest make-believe metals in the known universe. Pretty awesome. In our new Electro Hero Kit, kids help Captain America by building circuits with »

Where to buy our kits in stores this holiday season

Monday 18th December

Leave it a little too late this year? Miss the shipping cutoff for guaranteed holiday delivery? Fret not! You can still pick up Tech Will Save Us kits in stores across the US, UK, and in the EU.

Final Shipping Days for Christmas!

Monday 11th December

Here’s a handy list of the last day to order from Tech Will Save Us online for pre-Christmas delivery. Check for your country’s final day before placing your order!

8 reasons to get kids into STEM subjects early

Thursday 30th November

It’s no news that kids need to be learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills early, but why is it important? And how do you get started? We’ve rounded up eight reasons why you should be nurturing your child’s interest in STEM subjects, and offer a few ideas about how to get the ball »

Champion a Coding Club this Cyber Weekend with Tech Will Save Us

Monday 20th November

Here at Tech Will Save Us, we don’t believe in doing things the way they’ve always been done. What we do believe in is the power of kids and technology to change the world. This Cyber Weekend, you can choose to take a 20% discount on your basket* or donate that money to one of three incredible coding clubs.

As seen on TV… Tech Will Save Us!

Thursday 13th April

This week our very own prime time TV star, CEO and co-founder, Bethany, was interviewed on BBC News for Business Live. The BBC asked Bethany the big question – “how to make STEM subjects attractive and interesting for students?” Thankfully, we know a thing or two about that and Bethany discussed many of the ideals »

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